TARASIN utilizes constant refinement and experimentation to the creation of new ring designs. Each ring is carefully considered and crafted with the wearer in mind. As the strongest personal statement in accessories, rings display the essence of one's persona. Great care and consideration are given to the weight, height, balance and colour of each piece. This is acknowledged by the client without them having to be aware of what is involved in the making of a ring. It is recognized as “just right”! “Fabulous”! “I love it”

Care and love for the piece and the creative process is an essential part of each handmade TARASIN ring. It is simply not possible to create the ring without the care to produce the best piece and appreciation of working with precious materials used combined to make the final product. It is a great joy to create with precious metals such as Platinum, Gold, exotic gems and diamonds of rare beauty.

Years of training and experimentation have condensed into the actual moment of creation providing exceptional assurance in the final outcome. Clearly, the sum of the ingredients is not the piece. The Artistic Genius and Master Craftsmanship blend together to form the precious material into the work of wearable art.

A commitment by TARASIN to adventurous form and design along with the highest quality ingredients produce unique and distinctive jewellery and rings as a form of Alchemy. This desire for the unique extends into the search for the unusual and rare in gems that excite with both the subtlety and rich boldness of colour imbued with exceptional cutting and faceting that produces the “light show” in each unique gem.