If you can’t do simple, you can’t make complex”. Tarasin.

Artistic and academic gifts that filter through the Tarasin generations, influence John Tarasin, as he applies training with wild artistic genius towards all his jewellery designs and creations. Each “minimal” piece engages intense meditation through a design process while drawing from years of training in jewellery craftsmanship.

“Never fear that formal training restricts the inherent art that exudes in every exercise of creation”. Tarasin.

From the colour palate to the juxtaposition of gems with exotic material like ebony from the Trobriand Islands, TARASIN weaves magic into a wearable piece that excites with every use.

The bold colour and rarity of gems are a signature of TARASIN jewels.

Never afraid of exalting every day into a precious token... a piece of Rutilated Quartz features as a lid in the “Love Sees Through All Locket”, where 18ct gold sits comfortably with diamonds and rubies to produce an artistic heirloom.

Defining Art is like describing Beauty or Meditation. It is an action or an outcome that involves the whole being, creating in abandon without the interference from self-consciousness. It is very difficult to create jewellery without a prescribed method and cost evaluation. TARASIN believes that enthusiasm is a key to disable the constraint.

The Art in jewellery design and manufacture involves the capacity to be daring. To seek another combination that has not been done before is a prime motivator for a designer. It also seeks to create contrast, durability and beautiful efficiency in its visual presentations.

There is no reason why a functional component of a jewellery piece should not be beautiful as well.

The crown in the jewellery cache of design is featuring a glorious rare gem where possible, that exudes a regal presence that holds the whole piece together.