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Award winning jewellery designer, Tarasin, has for the last 40 years held an enthusiasm and passion for unique design and manufacturing excellence. Each piece is created using the expertise of the highest calibre combining the design concept, hand work, fine gems, and diamonds poetically combined to excite and stretch the expectations of the client. The design process follows the formality of geometric archetypes filtered with Tarasin’s training and interests in Civil Engineering, Classic Art work, Anthropology and the study of ancient civilisations and designs including their religions.

This passion engages the adoption of high level technology where required towards the creation of the unique design requests. While no barrier is acceptable in creating the vision of the final jewel, TARASIN attempts to include Australian manufacturing and hand making expertise as a way of supporting local industry, and to acknowledge the highest level of skill and technology. TARASIN is proud to be working with those companies and individuals who have contributed as a team member, towards creating our magnificent pieces of jewellery at Sydney.

We see handmade skill in rings.

TARASIN follows the ancient tradition in honing the hand-making skills over time as part of the energy and poetry that is imbued into every piece, Each design is initially completed in the mind as an image that directs the stages and techniques involved in the finished jewel without having to “go over” stages in reverse. Every piece is sketched out to enable the visualization of the possible pathways needed for completion. Careful consideration means that there is never a “rush job” while constantly “checking in” to determine if the piece reflects the desired brief for the client.

While budget is a primary design parameter, our commitment is to provide an outstanding handmade piece and solution that includes all the design criteria without compromise.

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