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One of the great strengths of TARASIN is the capacity to create a personalized piece of jewellery that resonates with the intended wearer to such a point as to extract the personality trait into the work. The piece becomes a recognizable part of the wearer's unique persona as if by magic.

During a study of Anthrology and religions including ancient Egyptian and Northern African cultures, TARASIN discovered certain design characteristics that have been imbued into the designs that create the body of work over the decades. Some of these include ebony from the Trobriand Islands, concentric circles and repetitive patterns from Africa, symbolic animism from ancient Egypt and Rome whose beliefs include the presence of spiritual energies in animal totems, crystals, gems, pure gold, and symbolic colours. These studies inevitably filter into the thinking and design process as client requests seek unique input and individualism that reflect their idiosyncratic persona.

TARASIN also offers a unique service of re-melting, re-designing and re-making old unwanted jewels into new exciting pieces that can be worn with pride and warmth, knowing the jewels and gold from the special past is now in the present and adored again.

Book an appointment with the designer, John Tarasin, for a complete assessment of the jewels you wish to use for your new piece and celebrate in the knowledge that your memories and precious jewellery are wisely incorporated with professional competence.

“When I think of TARASIN jewellery, it makes me smile”. M.K. Swansea , Aus.

“The Sceptre rocks!!!!” K.Reeves, Hollywood, USA

“…it feels like a walk through the ages! Lots of memories. What a magical story they tell. The craftsmanship, the styles and all those jewels are sensational….” JMJ, Mosman. Aus.


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